Our Vision

We develop and apply deep learning methods to quantify information in biomedical image data.


Whether cells, nerves, or blood vessels, fully capturing the morphology of biological structures is a challenging task.


Highly differentiated diseases require large-volume, high-resolution datasets and novel analytical approaches to find recurring patterns in large spectrum of genetic and molecular variation.


C. elegans, a tiny nematode worm, is used to study a broad range of questions in biology, from diseases to neural function. This apparently simple organism shows a broad repertoire of behaviors incomprehensible to human observer.

ageing research

In collaboration with the nephrology lab at the University Hospital Cologne, we explore super-resolution microscopy images of molecular morphology of kidney.

Beratung für Data Science

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The Brain Engineering

Neural Engineering

Electrical Signals in the Brain

Systems Neuroscience

Machine Learning

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Neural Threads

Target Discovery

Neural Technology

Cognitive Neuroscience

Projects in Bozek Lab

Our research lies at the intersection of machine learning and biomedicine. We strive to bring the newest developments in computer vision to solve problems in biomedical image analysis.


While addressing questions in cancer, kidney, or ageing research we use the underlying medical datasets to advance to the field of image analysis as well. Our vision is to elevate image and video data in biology and medicine to the scale and resolution of “omics” data and allow for broad and quantitative study of visual information across domains of biomedical research.


You can see some examples of our projects in our research section.


About us

Founded in 2019, the group lead by Prof. Bozek consists of international students and researchers with different backgrounds, from biology to physics and engineering.

our work

Data Science

New age of biological research

Electrical Signals

Biological Evaluation

Nature-Centered Design

*Beratung für Data Science

our team

Our Scientists

Prof. Dr. Katarzyna Bozek

group leader

Dr. Noémie Moreau

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. France Rose

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Martim Gomes

Postdoctoral Researcher

Mahsa Vali

PhD Student

Stefano Ugliano

PhD Student

Juan Pisula

PhD Student

German Sergei

PhD Student

Lucas Sancéré

PhD Student

Piotr Wójcik

PhD Student

Arash Fatehi

PhD Student

Florian Bürger

PhD Student

Hussein Naji

PhD Student

David Bertram

PhD Student

Maurice Deserno

PhD Student

Paul Hahn

PhD Student


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